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5 Reasons Veg Soups Will Save You a Fortune

by The GreenJinn Team

November 09, 2016


5 Reasons Veg Soups Will Save You a Fortune

Recently, I decided to investigate if what I had been hearing about the healing power of vegetable soups was true. I began to cook soups for my main meal more frequently and have been doing this for over a month now. I have seen a huge improvement to my health and wellbeing, along with other perks that I had not anticipated at all. One of these unforeseen advantages has been the savings to my weekly budget…below are some of the financial benefits of veggie soup.

1. Lower costs of groceries 

It turned out that since I started cooking and eating soups on a daily basis, the usual cost of my grocery shopping was cut in half! One of the reasons for this is that I was preparing a single meal that could be eaten over 2 days – usually the 3 litre pot of soup was enough for two lunches and one dinner (for two people). I didn’t have to make a new meal every time I was hungry, so I didn’t have to buy a lot of different things other than a few additional ingredients (extra veg to make things more interesting and spices). As I got used to cooking my soups, I started learning more about veggies and I noticed which ones were in-season (those are the cheapest in the supermarkets). I was making better, more cost efficient choices while grocery shopping.

I also followed some advice on avoiding buying pre-packaged and prepared products (I’ve found this advice in the article “How to Save Money on Food” from Magic Freebies). I was buying “whole” vegetables, instead of pre-cut ones. Pre-cut products are always more expensive and with just few more minuets of work, you can get the same result for free! By cooking my soups from scratch, I obviously skipped the cost of processing my food, adding only a fraction to my electricity bill.

 2. Less impulse buying of sweets

If you find yourself struggling to refrain from impulsively buying sweets, you might have started to train yourself to look straight ahead at the cash register (as suggested in the article on “How to Save Money at the Supermarket” by Magic Freebies). This kind of strategy can work well… Until you spot some chocolate bars in an unexpected place. 🙂

A good thing about eating more veggies is that they can positively impact the way in which your brain functions. Once you have been eating healthier for a little while – and it certainly does’t get any healthier than veggies – your body regulates itself automatically. After just a few weeks of healthy eating, my senses came back to me and I was suddenly able to smell that some products are simply too artificial and too processed (almost like eating plastic!). I started to taste the huge amounts of processed sugar in the products I was used to eating but since this amount of sugar cannot be found in nature, they started tasting too sweet, almost unbearable.

So, of course, if you decide to eat more soups, you will still love chocolate, but at least you will not have intense cravings. Next time you see some chocolate bars high in processed sugar or with loads of preservatives in the supermarket, you will simply not be tempted like you once were – it will be too sweet and artificial for you and your impulse buying will no longer be beyond your control.

3. Money saved on eating out and takeaways

I used to forget about eating when I was very busy with work and by the time I finally realised I was hungry, I was actually STARVING already. In this state of mind I could eat everything – whether it was healthy or not. It usually ended with grabbing a sandwich, ordering takeaway or eating package meals. In my head, all I could hear was: “I want my food NOW!!!”

Having some soup always ready, waiting in the fridge, saved me from this kind of situation. If you’re working in the office, you can take your soup with you and warm it up in the microwave. Don’t have a microwave? You can just add a bit of hot water, or put it on a heater. It will save you forking out for a lunch out or take-away every day.

4. Less money spent on pills and doctors 

For many years, I used to be sick every 2-3 weeks and it made my life really difficult, especially at work. My stomach, head, and throat hurt me almost all the time, I was using painkillers and throat medicines on a near-daily basis. I’ve visited many different doctors and I’ve had all the possible medical examinations. Since nobody was really helping me to get better, I felt I had to take my health into my own hands. Henceforth, I started eating healthier and switched to food that I cooked myself rather than processed food. After just 2-3 months, I felt a huge difference! I have yet to be sick for over 6 months now!

Your immunological system will appreciate more veggies, vitamins, minerals and the reduction in the chemical substances that your usual processed food is laced with. You will become more resistant to the flu (while everyone around is suffering from a runny nose) and your head will hurt less often. Your bowels will start working better, stomach aches and other digestion problems will lessen. As a result: less money spent on pills and doctors!

5. More energy and focus at work

Vegetables (especially when cooked) are quite easy to digest; they are also balanced in vitamins, mineral, and nutrients. If you’re used to eating a load of processed carbohydrates and sugars (white pasta, white rice, white pastry, bread, croissants, sweets, chocolate etc.), then you’ve probably noticed that you get a temporary ‘high’ of energy, followed by a crash – becoming sleepy.

An Italian friend of mine, who ate white pasta every day of his life (extreme pasta & croissants lover), was amazed by veggie soups after just a few days: “Wow, I really feel much lighter, my stomach doesn’t hurt me and I don’t need to take a nap after lunch anymore! I can work normally, I’m not sleepy!” As a result of being more efficient at work, you’ll be more likely to create opportunities for yourself to earn more money!

If you’re not convinced, just try to cook soups for a week or so! You will no doubt come around. Let us know about your experience. 😉

Don’t know how to start cooking a soup? Click here to read out mini soup-cooking guide for beginners!

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