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5 Tips to Stay Fit on a Tight Budget

by The GreenJinn Team

February 02, 2017


5 Tips to Stay Fit on a Tight Budget


Many of us will have made a New Year’s resolution to improve our fitness, yet have begun to struggle as our finances and motivation dwindle. But don’t despair, a healthy diet doesn’t have to leave you out of pocket and out of enthusiasm. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, gym-goer or just a health-conscious saver: ditch the junk food and save money with these 5 tips for more calorie and cost efficient shopping.

1. Think Frozen

Why not buy frozen veg? The vegetables in the frozen aisle are an often-overlooked option, however, not only have they been proven to preserve more of their nutritional value than their fresh counterparts (given the time the fresh veg spend deteriorating before actually being sold), but they happen to cost less. In short, you can get more vegetables, and the macronutrients they contain, for less. Freezing vegetables that are nearing their use-by date is another simple yet effective trick in saving your diet and your pennies. So in future, try throwing your food in the freezer instead of the bin. If you don’t believe us, check out this article.

2. Deals and Freebies

As well as all the in-store deals to be had, it is worth taking a look at online deals and freebies. does exactly what its name suggests, offering up an extensive selection of free goodies. This includes a broad range of food products – with something for everyone, whatever your nutritional needs. Offers vary from Amira Basmati Rice to a Vegan Starter Kit. Simply entering a few basic details (name, address etc.) is all it takes to claims these for free. If you have a minute to spare, glance over the variety of free nutrition and supplements available and save your hard-earned cash for another day.

3. Prep Meals In Advance

Eating on the go can be costly. Instead, try preparing more than a single batch of a home-cooked meal at a time – putting the excess in tupperware and storing in the fridge. Planning your meals will give you total control of what goes into your food – avoiding the processed and calorie-laden products that you would otherwise be spending money on every day. You might just find that you’ll spare some time, money and excess calories.

4. Make Use of Offers whilst you Can

If an item on your shopping list is on offer, stock up whilst you can. Be sure to store away dry food, whilst keeping an eye on the dates of your fresh produce. It makes little economical sense to shell out more for the same product next week if it’s available for less now. Any successful eating plan is based on consistency and so having a surplus of a nutritionally sound food can never be a bad thing, especially if you’re saving precious time and money, which could be better spent elsewhere.

5. Try Value Brands

There’s no need to forego the supermarket’s value brand, as the difference in quality and nutritional properties is often not as sizeable as you may think. Natural food doesn’t have to come with a premium label or price tag. Rice, red kidney beans and oats are available in bulk, inexpensive, and welcome additions to almost any meal without causing too much harm to your bank account or waistline – a must-have for any health enthusiast.

A fitness-orientated diet can be cheaper than the average if you make the right choices, which need not be difficult. No matter if you want to bulk up, lean out or simply improve your health this year, next time you’re in the supermarket, be mindful of these 5 tricks to stay healthy, wealthy and wise.