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We were featured on TV… TWICE! 📺

by The GreenJinn Team

July 07, 2022


We were featured on TV… TWICE! 📺

Did you catch us on ITV and Channel 4?! 📺

The Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox mentioned us on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch!

Jordon is Britain’s coupon kid. Since 15 years old, he has helped people save money through coupons, deals and money saving tips and now has the goal to help everyone make their money go further.

During his feature on Steph’s Packed Lunch, Jordon mentions using GreenJinn as one of his top ways to save money. He highlights just how much you can save on the GreenJinn app and explains the ease of using it to receive offers and free products in your food shop.


The Coupon Queen herself, Holly Smith also featured us on ITV’s This Morning with Phil and Holly! This is a really exciting time for us as their segment with Martin Lewis has always been a source of inspiration for us as a team 💪

Holly is the UK’s money saving mum, author and founder of the largest money saving Facebook group in the world. She provides some great tips and tricks on how we can all save money 🙌  In her segment with ITV, Holly gave a great explanation on how easy it is to use GreenJinn and the benefits of using our app – particularly as a tool that provides healthy food options.

With costs currently rising, Holly highlighted the importance of having opportunities for us all to save money. As a team, this is something we feel strongly about and believe we can try and make a little bit of difference during this difficult time.


What are we doing to make a difference at GreenJinn?

At GreenJinn, we are trying our best to help out where we can with rising food prices. We have always made sure we provide extra coupons ourselves, on products like fruit and vegetables to allow all of you to have a whole shop and get essentials at a discount 🥑🍎

However, we have learned that fruit and vegetables are often the first to be cut from shopping lists in order to save money. To try and combat this, we have increased the amount of these extra offers on essential items to help us all, without having to spend more on grocery shopping.

The cost of living is also affecting period hygiene with nearly 1/4 of people with periods struggling to afford sanitary products. So, we are also including sanitary product offers so that people don’t have to go without.

We hope that this helps those who are having a difficult time.

As Holly also mentioned, if you are fortunate enough to afford to do so, we strongly encourage donating products or cashback to food banks and charities such as The Felix Project to help those who are most vulnerable.


Want to see our feature on ITV?

Check it out here: 👌

Thank you so much for featuring us, Holly and Jordon! 💚