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5 Apps To Help You Save Money In 2018

by The GreenJinn Team

January 31, 2018


5 Apps To Help You Save Money In 2018

Your smartphone can be a super money saving machine with the right apps. The problem is, with so many money-saving apps on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and prepared a complete mobile money saving toolkit… Here’s 5 of our favourite money saving apps 🙂

Saving: Oval Money

Find it difficult to save? Oval takes the discipline and hard work out of saving money. Once connected to your online banking Oval studies your spending habits and every now and then, automatically transfers money out into a separate savings account which makes hitting your financial goals so effortless that it almost feels like cheating. Not only that, but it also gives you the option to invest as well, making your savings even bigger!


Why we like it: Compact and user-friendly without skimping out on features
For: Those that find it difficult to save any money
Cost: Free

Banking: Monzo

A super user-friendly app that lets you manage your finances, Monzo is like your regular banking app, but better! See your balance updated in real-time, track your spending, set goals and create budgets (pots). It also gives you the added benefit of traveling with ease! You won’t have to worry about extortionate, confusing and dodgy exchange rates when withdrawing or paying for things abroad! (under £300 and 3% after).


Why we like it: Monzo has a great community and the app itself is very intuitive to use
For: Those that are always left wondering where they spent all their money!
Cost: Free

Shopping: Stocard

Stocard replaces all of those loyalty cards that are spilling out of your wallet or sitting in a basket somewhere at home. You can add all of your loyalty cards to the app in seconds. Simply present the app at the checkout to get all your discounts and points.


Why we like it: Because we always forget our loyalty cards but never our phones
For: Those that have too many loyalty cards and a heavy wallet
Cost: Free

Eating Out: Tastecard

Tastecard offers 2 for 1 meals across a whole load of restaurants all over the UK. Although it is not the prettiest or smoothest app, it makes up for in terms of its functionality and savings. The first month is free, but it’ll cost you £4.99 a month after that… a price we think is well worth paying to get 50% off. Plus, the app tells you all of the compatible eateries near you, all with reviews.


Why we like it: Here at GreenJinn, we enjoy eating out too! Tastecard lets us enjoy eating out without breaking the bank
For: Those that eat out often without hurting their wallet too much
Cost: £1 for the first 90 days (January offer) then £4.99 Monthly


Groceries: GreenJinn – Cashback App

And of course, GreenJinn gets a mention 😉 With the rising costs of groceries, GreenJinn aims to make high-quality products affordable – we don’t believe healthy products should be exclusive.

Unlike other cashback apps that often push unhealthy and irrelevant products, GreenJinn does the opposite. It uses a smart personalisation system (that learns what you like and buy) and shows you relevant coupons on every day, healthy and quality products. In short, we only show you coupons that you’re actually interested in, and inspire you to live healthier!

Supports: Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose
Why we like it: Personalised coupon feature saves a lot of time and effort, whilst also inspiring a healthier lifestyle, although we might be a little biased 😉
For: Those that believe that eating healthy shouldn’t be expensive
Cost: Free


All in all, the power of money-saving apps becomes formidable when used together. In conjunction with other money-saving strategies and a consistent habit will end up saving you big in the long-run!

With these money-saving apps are just one facet of your strategy, we’re curious, what are your favourite money-saving apps/tips?