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9 Apps for Brits to Get Fit on a Budget

by The GreenJinn Team

July 01, 2018


9 Apps for Brits to Get Fit on a Budget

Are you stuck in a fitness rut? I know all too well how tempting it is to throw in the towel and dig into a bucket of vanilla ice cream (ok, just me!). You eat lettuce until you’re green in the face and exercise your butt off, but you’re not seeing the changes you want.

Don’t give up just yet! You don’t need an expensive personal trainer and a cupboard full of fancy products. Turn your smartphone into your fitness guru. Here’s 9 FREE apps to keep you on track…


1. My Fitness Pal

Available on: iOS and Android

My Fitness Pal is going to be your bread and butter for your diet. Everything you eat can be tracked and analysed so that every  meal counts! Just scan the barcode of your food and voila! The app will tell you exactly how much you should be eating in order to reach your personal goal. My Fitness Pal takes all the guess work out of healthy eating. Ditch your fad diet and start eating towards you goal.



2. Nike + Run Club

Available on: iOS and Android

Fancy a run with Sir Mo Farah? If you’re looking to get motivated for a run, then this one is for you. Get a personalised training regime to suit your needs as well as advice from experts and track superstars. I struggle to find the motivation to get the running shoes on at the best of times but being able to see my progression keeps me on track and gives me a reason to keep running.



3. Sleepbot

Available on: iOS and Android

Ok, this one isn’t necessarily a fitness app. However, sleep is absolutely essential to your health! Sleep is your body’s recovery time. If you don’t catch enough quality zzzz’s, you’re not going to look or feel great. Sleepbot tracks your sleep and wakes you up at the best possible time. You can even check out your sleeping pattern over time to see how you’ve progressed.



4. Sidechef

Available on: iOS and Android

I suck at cooking. Luckily I found a cool cooking app that’s super easy to use: Sidechef. It has a whole world of unique, healthy recipes. You won’t need any more flashy cookbooks. Whatever your dietary requirements, there’s a recipe for you! They’re all easy to follow and come with timers so that even a kitchen rookie like me can follow them without burning the house down.



5. Seven

Available on: iOS and Android

Seven is pretty straightforward, which is what makes it so good.  7 min scientifically tested workouts that require no equipment! Kiss goodbye to your extortionate gym membership and trips to classes every week. As long as you have a chair, a wall and 7 mins to spare, there’s no reason to pass on this app.


6. Sweatcoin

Available on: iOS and Android

Turn your steps into rewards! Sweatcoin converts your steps into digital currency, which you can use to buy all sorts from fitness equipment to gadgets. Walking can get a little tiresome, so what better way to give yourself an incentive to put one foot in front of the other? For me, having something to work towards is a great incentive to get walking. If you’re a keen walker anyway, why not get rewarded?


7. Fooducate

Available on: iOS and Android

If calorie tracking apps like My Fitness Pal aren’t you’re thing, give Fooducate a go. Rather than breaking down your food into its macronutrients (carbs, fats etc), it gives it a grade. If the meal you’re about to tuck into is an A+, you’re all set! You can search for the healthiest cereal, snack etc too, so you won’t be spending your cash on any unnecessary ‘health’ products that are no good for your bank account or waistline. They have a supportive community too if you need advice or just someone to talk to about your fitness goals.



8. 1 Minute Desk Workout

Available on: iOS

Being stuck at your desk all day can kill your motivation. At the end of a long day, I just want to hit the couch and not gym. 1 minute desk workout does exactly what it says on the tin. Quick workouts you can do to get the blood pumping at work. Not only will it keep you active whilst at work, but it might just make you more productive too.



9. GreenJinn

Available on: iOS and Android

Eating healthy can get costly. I sometimes find myself doing a double take of my receipt! That’s why we provide cashback on healthy groceries. GreenJinn gives you money back on your shop and encourages you to live healthier with a new selection of products each week. Why not get paid to eat better?



Do you have a go-to fitness app that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!