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Get Coupons From Your Brain Signals

by The GreenJinn Team

April 01, 2018


Get Coupons From Your Brain Signals

For months on end we’ve been working closely with GCHQ dark labs to bring you a true shopping revolution…

From the 1st of April never again will your supermarket experience be the same.

Following complex covert experiments and extreme couponing calculations, we finally present the Cerebral Auto Sensory Hippocampal Brain-Accented Cravings-Knower Cashback Augmentation Project – or CASHBACK CAP™ in short.

Stop spending time flicking through coupons you don’t really need. GreenJinn’s CASHBACK CAP™ headpiece uses the latest in brain-wave consumer technology to learn exactly what you want to buy and pick relevant coupons for you to use on the GreenJinn app. Just wear, relax and save.

Alvin Ababbel, GreenJinn’s Innovation Head, says “thinking about what you want to buy takes effort, and effort is calories, so CASHBACK CAP™ saves you from futile energy expenditure. That’s bound to be good for the environment, good for your wallet and good for your brain too, probably”.

For an ultra limited chance to be chosen to use CASHBACK CAP™, download the GreenJinn Coupon app now and earn up to £120 monthly cashback simply for shopping at Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s!

Happy April Fools day!