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5 Tips to Get Cooking Creatively

by The GreenJinn Team

September 20, 2016


5 Tips to Get Cooking Creatively

Are you getting bored with preparing and eating all the time the same meals? Many¬†of us have that problem. Lack of time, being tired and in a hurry,¬†often¬†we turn¬†into “autopilot mode” in the supermarket, and we end up with quite a boring (and often not so healthy) diet. We present you with 5 simple ways to get more creative with your recipes!

1. “Bombard” yourself with¬†foodies inspirations on the media you most often use

Whether you’re a social media user, you prefer watching TV or reading, try to ‘bombard’ yourself with a big dose of inspiration from every possible channel. It doesn’t mean you need to read every single recipe you see, even seeing some pictures can stimulate your imagination! If you’re on social media, you can follow “Tasty” with lots of quick recipe videos, or bloggers like some of our favourites:¬†Deliciously Ella, Hemsley and Hemsley, Oh She Glows,¬†Fuss Free Flavors, Rough Measures,¬†Jamie Olivier, and many, many others! Every month, you can find an update of top UK food bloggers on Foodies100, so give a look and explore not only very popular bloggers, but also some rising stars from the bottom of the list. You can also buy books of many of those bloggers or¬†sign up for their newsletters to get recipes straight to your email inbox.¬†If you’re a Netflix user or you like watching TV, there are plenty of “Master Chef” kind of programs that might set you on the right track.

2. Keep your eyes open for ingredients you don’t know and gather inspirations¬†

Whether you go to the restaurant, or you travel to a different country, whenever you see something new and inspiring, take a picture or write it down on your smartphone! Make your own gallery of inspirations, always available at hand. Take notes or write short descriptions with the crucial ingredients, so you can easily search for inspiration whenever you happen to see some ingredient in the supermarket or you have something left in the fridge you would like to use. You can use Google Keep, Evernote or other apps for notes taking to easily search for certain ingredient later.

3. Once a month, limit yourself to coupons and in-store promotions

One of the broadly used technique for boosting creativity is setting some limitations. Instead of always planning ahead your recipes and buying in the shop exactly what you planned to cook, once in a while try to rely only on coupons and promotions. When you limit your options, suddenly you might get ideas you would have never had before, combining very unusual ingredients together. Give a look on the inspiring recipe for the breakfast sandwich with avocado, eggs, spinach, tomato and bacon prepared by one of the UK food bloggers, Hungry Healthy Happy, based on coupons found in GreenJinn App.

4. Cook something when your food supply is almost finished

Following the rule that the limitations are stimulating your creativity, when it seems like you have nothing to eat left, it means it’s time to get creative! Look for what you still have at home and you might have already forgotten about. Unless your food cupboard is left only with few teabags, for sure you will find something you might use! Go through your cans, grains, pasta, sauces. Chances are that what you create might turn out not only edible, but also quite tasty.

5. Try one of the “We prepare, you cook” services

Try services that might inspire you and teach you something new. There are services, which offer home delivery of prepared ingredients, together with recipes you can follow to cook something delicious. In the UK you might find Gousto, Mindful Chef or Hello Fresh, there are plenty of options out there!

To sum up, get as much inspiration from everywhere around as possible, give yourself some limitations from time to time and try to cook from a narrowed range of products and try some services which inspire you to cook new recipes!

Share your own tips  and tricks in comments below!