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Money Dadvice from Our Savvy Dads

by The GreenJinn Team

June 17, 2017


Money Dadvice from Our Savvy Dads

Dads can sometimes get the short end of the stick. Whether it be their jokes, music or outfits, we often make them the butt of our jokes. Whilst dads can be funny creatures, nobody can deny that they give the best advice (even if we refuse to take it). To celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to share some of the greatest pearls of fatherly wisdom that we’ve received… we call it DADVICE ?

Dadvice from the Team’s Dads

Even as adults, we sometimes need Dad’s advice when dealing with our finances… after all, Dad knows best! Here at GreenJinn, our Dads have given us plenty of economic guidance over the years. Even though they come from all around Europe (Poland, Italy and the UK), they seem to share a similar philosophy when it comes to managing money. Some of them might seem obvious, but they’re life lesson that we shouldn’t take for granted. It’s not all about how much you have, but about making what you have count and being smart with your money There are 3 main things that all of our Dads made clear to us:

1. Be independent ?

2. Prioritise?

3. Quality over quantity?

Although from different countries and backgrounds, there’s some common themes in our Dadvice…

1. Be Independent

First of all, we noticed that most of our dads think that have always inspired us to be responsible and thoughtful with our money. This is really the first step in learning how to manage finances. They also emphasised the importance of education. If you invest in education early on, you will reap the rewards later on.

Lukasz’s Dad: “If one person is managing the finances and budget in the family, you should always have some money of your own, so that you’re independent and you don’t need to rely on anyone else. Independence is freedom.”

Joe’s Dad: “Education is the key to independence. Money isn’t wasted if it’s spent on education. It might be expensive but you will be better off for it one day. Knowledge is something that you’ll have forever… a bit like student loans!”

Aga’s Dad: “You need to work hard to become independent and successful. Nothing comes without effort. Don’t forget, money spent on education is an investment in your future. It will give you the freedom to do whatever you want in life.”

Daria’s Dad: “Trust your judgment. Only you know what you want in life and it’s up to you to save for it. You won’t have any regrets if you don’t let others influence your financial decisions. Make sure you do your research before taking any large steps  so you know what to expect.”

2. Prioritise

Once you have your financial independence, you can then start to think about what you want to save for. This doesn’t have to mean living an extremely frugal life; the key is to evaluate what is worth spending money on and what isn’t. We’ve been taught to think about what we actually want in life and work for it. and to consider our long term needs, not just the short term.

Giuse’s Dad: “I taught my kids from a young age that if they want something that makes them genuinely happy, they have to be patient. Wait and save a little money from time to time until you get there so you can afford to buy it yourself. This is a very simple tip that really helped them to understand the value of the money.”

Aga’s Dad: “When I was a child, my mum would give me money for ice cream. I  decided to save that money instead – because the  ice cream is gone in a second, but if you save that money, it can become something valuable. You need to learn to be patient; wait and control yourself. Don’t use your money immediately on insignificant things, especially flashy things! Save your money for something important if you really want it. At the end of the day, money is for living, not showing off.”

Robs’s Dad: “Don’t lose yourself saving on the tiny things, focus on saving for the stuff that really matters.”

Joe’s Dad: “Cut your coat according to your cloth. This means that you should try to live within your means and spend money on what you actually need and can afford. Also, don’t give up on what you want most for what you want now… don’t spend money just because you can. If you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.”

3. Quality over quantity

As you can see, a couple of our dads have told us how to get the most out of our money when it comes to making purchases, big or small. The bottom line here is that there’s no point in trying to save money by buying cheap and nasty items, when you’re going to end up forking out for a replacement before long. After all, you get what you pay for, right?

Rob’s Dad: “Spend money on good quality stuff. If you treat them well, they will last forever and you will end up saving money in the long run. Less is more! It’s better to own fewer, quality things than a heap of junk.”

Joe’s Dad: “I’ve never been the stereotypical ‘money-saver’. When it comes to making important purchases it has to be quality over quantity. There’s no point cutting costs if you will have to pay for it later.”

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We might think of it as cheesy but the Dadvice we receive never leaves us. Dads love a joke, but they also have some important life lessons to pass on, even if we don’t take them seriously at the time. Father’s Day is not just a time for Dads, but Step-Dads, Granddads and all paternal figures in our lives who offer us guidance. We can all learn something from their advice.