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St Patrick’s Day Hangover Cure Irish Stew

by The GreenJinn Team

March 17, 2017


St Patrick’s Day Hangover Cure Irish Stew

*Updated 14/03/2018*

If you’re going to be waking up with a sore head following St Patrick’s Day this year, then we’ve got the remedy for you! You’ll be feeling yourself again in no time with our carbohydrate and fibre-filled Irish Stew. Its got all the nutrients to beat even the nastiest of hangovers.

You don’t need to shell out for expensive cuts of meat, feel free to throw in anything you have leftover in your fridge. The same goes for the veg; we like to pack ours with a ton of root veg, but there’s no limits here… go crazy!

What you’ll need:

1kg lamb (cut into chunks)

8 medium sized potatoes (peeled and halved)

1cup pearl barley

6 carrots (peeled and cut into chunks)

1 large onion (cut into chunks)

salt and pepper

1 handful of parsley (finely chopped)

1.25l vegetable stock

How to prepare:

  1. Rinse the meat with cold water
  2. Heat water/or stock of choice in large saucepan. Keep simmering and add barley
  3. Heat frying pan and brown off meat in a little oil
  4. Re-heat frying pan and add chopped onion. fry for a few minutes to soften
  5. Add meat and onion to saucepan. Cover with lid and cook for 2.5hours, stirring every 30mins
  6. Add in chopped carrots, turn up heat and cook for a further 15mins
  7. Add the potatoes and cook for a further 15mins
  8. Check meat is cooked – should be very tender
  9. Finally, add salt and pepper before serving.
  10. Sprinkle with parsley