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Our Story

We are Giuseppe and Roberto, the founders of GreenJinn. We launched GreenJinn to connect mindful and curious people with brave brands.

We are self professed foodies, and you may have guessed by our names… we are Italian.

We go waaaay back and actually met at University, which is where our lightbulb moment happened. We (like many people) were looking for an easy way to cut our grocery bills, without starving ourselves or buying junk food. So we wanted to start our own service to do just that... Hello GreenJinn!

Our Values

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Think Big & Hustle

We are leaders who challenge. Flip no’s to a yes. Do more with less. Don’t settle for good (only great).

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We care about the Earth, from the brands we work with, to our community (that’s you guys) and to us as a team. We do the right thing, not always the easiest thing.

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User Obsessed

We listen to our users and always act in their best interest. We bring our individual passion to provide the first-rate experience with a personal touch.

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Simplify & Always Improving

We are structured but flexible. We know our vision and that there will be bumps along the way but we are uncompromising in the process. We get and give feedback to go beyond.

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Caring for our Community

As we grow big, we stay small. We rely on each other, learn from each other and challenge each other. We are one team. We are human. Be kind. Be collaborative.

The GreenJinn Family

Giuseppe Licari's profile photo

Giuseppe Licari

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Roberto Amerighi's profile photo

Roberto Amerighi

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel Sonny's profile photo

Daniel Sonny

Head of Mobile & Tech Lead

Francesco Novelli's profile photo

Francesco Novelli

Mobile Lead

Holly Tester's profile photo

Holly Tester

Marketing Manager

Karen Hu's profile photo

Karen Hu

Business Development

Marco Patrini's profile photo

Marco Patrini

Operations & Insights Executive

Matteo Cannata's profile photo

Matteo Cannata

Full-stack Developer

Monique Mayola's profile photo

Monique Mayola

Customer Success Lead

Alyssa Panghulan's profile photo

Alyssa Panghulan

Customer Success

Samantha Brynn's profile photo

Samantha Brynn

Customer Success

David Brewster's profile photo

David Brewster

Client Lead

Jasmin Mediani's profile photo

Jasmin Mediani

Junior Full-stack Developer

Federico Campos's profile photo

Federico Campos

Operations & Insights Assistant

Adam Rhodes's profile photo

Adam Rhodes

Brand Partnerships Director

Dominic Teeling's profile photo

Dominic Teeling

Senior Partnerships Manager

Aubrey Lemen's profile photo

Aubrey Lemen

Customer Success

Camilla Piergentili's profile photo

Camilla Piergentili

Operations & Marketing Assistant

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