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Join the Genie Gang

Do you have a blog? A bit of a digital following? Gone viral on Tiktok? Or just have a lot of friends who love trying new products? Join the Genie Gang and get cashback, earn more money and spread the GreenJinn love.

Who does GreenJinn work with?

A sustainable world
A healthy heart
An innovative lightbulb
A fun genie
A tasty avocado

Here at GreenJinn, we strongly believe in five key criteria which we reflect through the brands and influencers we work with. All of our brands and influencers must fit into one of these criteria:Sustainable, Healthy, Innovative, Fun & Tasty(Obviously we don’t mean you have to be tasty but you can demonstrate tasty food!) These are what we stand for and aim to achieve when working with others.

How does the Influencer Referral Programme work?


Sign up to the Genie Gang using the form below. Make sure you can demonstrate how you fit our criteria.


You will then receive a link and code to share with your friends, family and anyone who you know will LOVE GreenJinn.


Each new person that signs up via your link will receive a £1 welcome coupon to use in combination with ANY offer in app.


For every person who signs up and redeems your coupon, you will earn £1 to your GreenJinn account. Refer 50 people, get £50! Easy as that!

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