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by Camilla P.

March 01, 2024


Welcome back to our series A Bite of Good News, where we gather the latest positive news and share it with you! We have to admit that with all the different kinds of media and overwhelming news, it can sometimes be tricky to focus on the positive. So keep reading to hear more about the latest good news we've come across to help brighten your day, even just a little! 👇

🌲 Scotland's 'lost' pinewood project 🌲

A project is underway to rediscover Scotland's 'lost' native pinewoods, a crucial step in their preservation. Thanks to the Wild Pine Project, an attempt will be made to identify and save these woods!

🫘 Eating pulses can change you and the world 🫘

Are you aware of the numerous benefits of eating legumes? Don't worry, Chef Ali Honour took care of it. Honour is a great advocate of these foods, enhancing the benefits to the person and the environment. Plus, they're cheap, which never hurts!!

♻️ England Biodiversity Benchmark ♻️

A groundbreaking new law has been introduced in England which mandates that all new developments enhance nature. The law requires equivalent habitats to be created on-site or elsewhere if natural habitats are destroyed for development purposes

🧑‍🔬 Science To Predict Dementia 🧑‍🔬

Scientists have identified blood proteins that could indicate an individual's risk of developing Alzheimer's, providing up to 15 years of advance warning through a simple blood test.