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5 Science-Based Reasons to Drink Chai Tea

by The GreenJinn Team

November 15, 2018


So what exactly is chai? “Chai” is Hindi for “tea”, but it’s nothing like your average milk ‘n’ 2 sugars. Traditional spiced chai tea is made from a blend of black tea and aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and black peppercorns, making for the perfect hot beverage on a chilly winter morning.

And the best part? This combination of black tea and spices has a bunch of health benefits you should be taking advantage of….

1. Heart Health

Studies with animals have found that cinnamon (one of the key ingredients of chai) may help to lower both blood pressure and “bad” LDL cholesterol to help keep your ticker ticking.

Black tea can benefit your heart health too. It’s been proven to lower blood cholesterol levels and research has even shown that drinking three or more cups per day could be linked to a 11% lower risk of heart disease. Not too shabby for a quick brew.

2. Digestion

Typical chai tea ingredients cinnamon, cloves and cardamom possess antibacterial properties that help in preventing digestive issues.

Not only that, but, black pepper, another common addition to chai tea, actually increases levels of digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas that are needed to break down and digest protein and fat.

3. Blood Sugar

Chai tea can work wonders for your blood sugar levels. This is thanks to the ginger and cinnamon in the blend.

Cinnamon can reduce insulin resistance by around 10%-29%. Having lower insulin resistance means that your body can move sugar out of your blood cells and around the body much easier. Similarly, a study on subjects with diabetes showed that ginger helped decrease their blood sugar levels by 12%. Mix the two ingredients together and you’ve got yourself one potent blood sugar buster.

4. Weight Loss

A warm (or cold) cup of chai will not only keep you full and away from sugary snacks, but it’s spices can actually help you lose weight.

Studies have found that the kind of black tea used to make chai contains compounds that break down fat and prevent your body from absorbing excess calories. Thats not all! Research has also proven that 3 cups of black tea per day can even help prevent you gaining belly fat!

5. Nausea

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