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5 ways to support local businesses

by Holly T.

September 30, 2022


We all know that supporting local businesses is beneficial and with costs ever increasing, supporting local businesses is more important than ever. By doing so we can help create jobs locally, support sustainability and also boost the local economy. But, have you ever considered all of the different ways that you can support local businesses?


🛒 Buy Local

The best way to support local businesses is of course, to buy from them! Head to your local town or parade of shops and go to some smaller places to purchase things and switch to the local brands. You may find some specialty products or things that you’ve never tried before and don’t see in your usual supermarket! Plus, they tend to be smaller than the big supermarket, so you can save some time and avoid the stress and busyness!

At GreenJinn, we are making it a little easier to save some money in your local shops to help out where possible, especially during the current Cost of Living crisis. We recently added an “indie” tab in the GreenJinn app to help support local businesses and encourage everyone to head to their local independent shops. Not only is this beneficial for small businesses but this makes GreenJinn offers more accessible to those who can’t get to the bigger known shops.


⭐ Write a review online 

Did you know that 87% of customers read reviews online? Most of us rely on reading online reviews to find the best new spots. So, found your new favourite local? Leave them a positive review! This is completely free for you and will only take a few minutes of your time which could be a huge benefit for them! After all, great reviews will attract more customers.


📩 Subscribe to their newsletter

If your favourite local shops have a newsletter, why not subscribe? This can show them your interest and is usually the best place to tell you about any of their latest news or upcoming deals!


💰 Tip or donate where possible

Although not necessary, if you can afford to do so, tipping and donating to local businesses can be a great help. This will show them your support and appreciation! Plus, it’ll give them a little extra love during these hard times.


📣 Spread the word in person and on social media

If you find a great local shop, why not spread the word? Let all of your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues know about it in person and online. This can include engaging with them on social platforms – follow them, like and share your favourite local brands and businesses posts. Word of mouth and social media can be a powerful tool to help businesses grow, so what better way to support your local shops than to post about them on your social media pages or groups!