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A Bite Of Good News – June

by Pia M.

June 16, 2023


Some of you may know our series: A Bite of Good News, where we share positive news about communities and environments around the world. This is extremely important, especially when facing difficult times.

This month, we thought we would share our favourites:

Roses in the UK 🌷

Weather conditions in the UK have created ideal conditions for roses, increasing their growth around the country. Experts say that it’s all down to having a cold winter, cool spring and wet April followed by sunshine!

Benefits of walking & dancing 🕺

New research from Sydney University has found that dancing or going for brisk walks can slash the risk of type 2 diabetes by three quarters. Through an active lifestyle, one can fight off much of the excessive risk for type 2 diabetes

Lidl Water Bottles💧

Lidl will use recycled plastic material which has been collected from coastal areas to make its water bottles n a move to save almost 100 tonnes of plastic. The new bottles will contain a minimum of 30% Prevented Ocean Plastic and will hit shelves in July

Refill Capital 💚

Today is World Refill Day! Oxford claims the top spot with the highest volume of refill stations. Refillable packaging solutions and stores are becoming more commonplace in the UK and consumers are demonstrating a willingness to shop sustainably

Beauty product recycling ♻️

The beauty industry produces more than 120 billion units of plastic packaging each year, the majority of which isn’t recycled. In response, M&S has launched beauty packaging recycling in 40 of its UK stores. Shoppers will be able to recycle plastic or aluminium packaging from any brand

It’s always important to remember that there are positive things going on in communities all over the world. Focus less on the negative!