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A Bite of Good News: May

by Pia M.

May 12, 2023


Some of you may know our series: A Bite of Good News, where we share positive news about communities and environments around the world. This is extremely important, especially when facing difficult or turbulent times.

This month, we thought we would share our favourites:

🐕Pet First Aid

The PDSA launched an online pet first aid guide after research showed that 9/10 owners don’t know basic pet first aid skills. Covering everything from heatstroke to CPR, this Pet First Aid guide is filled with handy tips, advice and steps to follow if you ever find yourself in this situation!

🏠15 Minute Window

A window designed by engineer Harry Blakiston Houston tales only 15 minutes to build and costs £12 per square meter is helping Ukrainians repair and insulate their bomb-damaged homes.

👸New Barbie Doll

Barbie has launched the first ever doll with Down’s Syndrome to make the toys more inclusive. The doll is wearing ankle supports, which are commonly used by children with Down’s Syndrome, has smaller ears, a rounder face shape, almond shaped eyes, and a flatter knows to represent and be inclusive to these communities.

🌳British Rainforest Project

The Isle of Man and North Wales are the first places where the Wildlife Trusts will begin restoring rainforests across the British Isles. The rainforest recovery project will provide cleaner air and water, and reduced risk from flooding. This ambitious programme will see temperate rainforests restored.

🍴Plastic Waste

Plastic and polystyrene plates, cutlery and cups could soon be banned in England. The government is looking to ban single-use items made from non-recyclable materials which pollute the environment. This move will follow the ban of plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds in 2020.

It’s always important to remember that there are positive things going on in communities all over the world. Focus less on the negative!