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A day in the life of a Marketing Intern at GreenJinn

by Alessia H.

June 30, 2022


I’m Alessia, the Marketing intern here at GreenJinn. I am currently in my third year of university doing an industrial placement as a part of my course. We have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different sectors to work in. On my previous placement I worked within communications, so marketing felt like the logical next step…and it’s been great 💚

Many people often want to join larger organisations, and so did I at first. But I have really come to enjoy working in a startup environment instead, here at GreenJinn. My main focus is of course marketing. However, working at a small company allows me to get a full understanding of what goes on in each team as we’re all dependent on each other. I have received so much exposure to elements of a company which I never thought I would understand or work within. I have learned about the development side of things, worked hand in hand with the sales team and got to experience a side of customer service as well. This has really helped me understand GreenJinn as a whole rather than just looking at it from a marketing perspective.

So what is my day to day then? After all this is supposed to be a ‘day in the life’ kind of post.

I received quite a lot of autonomy straight away. I was given the responsibility to create the social posts for Instagram. With the help of the others in the team we have created a variety of different posts including promotional, educational and even funny (or we try at least😉). My main focus is therefore social media. I also create content for Facebook, Twitter and even TikTok too. 

There is a very creative element to my role here which I am really enjoying at the moment. It’s not only designing images for Instagram, I have also had the opportunity to produce written content such as our weekly newsletter to thousands of our app users and blog posts like this one. 

The great thing about working here is that there is always an opportunity to try something new. I am always encouraged to express where my interests lie and there is a big focus on me getting the most out of this internship – something some companies don’t always focus on.

Here at GreenJinn, everyone is always thinking about what we can do to help out. This is why we have partnered up with The Felix Project which is a London based charity fighting food waste and hunger. It has been great to be able to share their voice through our socials and spread awareness about such an important cause. I have even had the opportunity to go to their kitchen in Poplar to volunteer and help prepare and package food which was a great experience as I learned so much about what they do and the importance of it 💪

So as you’ve probably gathered, I’m enjoying my time here at GreenJinn, and I haven’t even told you my favourite part yet… I love the international aspect of the team! There are so many different nationalities across the GreenJinn team which makes it so much more interesting to work here. Everyone has a different story to tell, a different perspective and different ideas.