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An Introduction to Plastic Free July

by Pia M.

July 03, 2023


Plastic Free July

This July, millions of participants will take steps to end plastic pollution by choosing to refuse single-use plastic. Every step makes a big difference and you can spread awareness so that others can get involved too!👬

How can I help

Small steps are important! Try avoiding bottled water, refusing pre-packaged produce, choosing reusable coffee cups and sharing the challenge with family and friends. Plus, it shows businesses and governments they need to make a change too!🌎

What else can I do?

You don’t have to do everything but choosing just one thing to refuse in July can make a difference.

  • Take the challenge and get tips and stories of other participants
  • Do the PFJ quiz to decide on what you could refuse
  • Take your first step or challenge yourself with multiple items!

Make a difference

Plastic Free July’s 140 million participants make a big difference by stopping around 300 million kg of plastic polluting the world each year. Spread the word and join the movement to help protect our environment! 💚

We will be sharing content both on our blog as well as our social media channels, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more content, tips and tricks and own experiences with Plastic Free July!