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by Camilla P.

March 15, 2024


Happy B Corp Month! 🌎💚

This month, we're proud to be celebrating many of the great B Corp's that we work with 🙌

Now, you might be wondering what a B Corp is. B Corps are businesses that balance purpose and profit, considering the impact of their decisions on their employees, consumers, suppliers, community and the environment.

As you might already know, to become a B Corp, a company needs to go through an assessment which evaluates their performance across various areas such as governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. This is a voluntary process and not a legal requirement for businesses. To qualify for certification, you must score a minimum number of points on this assessment. This certification involves regular assessment and must be renewed every three years, which pushes businesses to improve their social and environmental performances over time!

And guess what? We are in the process of getting our B Corp Certification! 💚

We care a lot about our planet and the communities that inhabit it! By doing so, we contribute to a more sustainable and responsible economy. We need to keep in mind that we're responsible for each other and future generations. Together, we can make a positive impact 💪

If you'd like to buy B Corp, head to the GreenJinn app (you can even get them at a discount 😉) You can keep a look out for the B Corp logo on products in our app and see a few we partner with below!

Some of the B Corp Certified brands we partner with: