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Check out 3 New Developments coming to your GreenJinn App!

by Pia M.

July 29, 2022


We are so excited to share 3 new features coming to the app! 😍 We want to show you how much we appreciate that you use and love GreenJinn…

  1. Brand new loyalty scheme ❤️ 

Every month, we will show our love to our top users by sending out a coupon of there choice (within reason of course ;)), as a thank you for being a loyal customer and using the app so much! If you want to be one of the lucky users, you know what to do!

  1. New Market Makers 👶

We know that school holidays can be tough on parents, so we are running new market makers dedicated to kids! With the support of brands like Babybel and Bear Paws there will be 2-3 products which will change every two weeks to give all you parents some extra options… 

The campaign will run for 6 weeks – Stay on the lookout for the icon ‘summer hols’ on the coupons to find these special gems.💎 

  1. Exclusive offers🤗

For every user that is signed up to the newsletter… you may have seen one exclusive offer already! There will be even more exclusive offers in the newsletter that will only be available there, so keep your eyes peeled! These can only be accessed through email for all of you VIPs!

The GreenJinn Team wanted to thank you all for your support and loyalty and hope you enjoy and love these 3 new features, we know we do! 🙌