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What are we doing to be climate positive?

by Holly T.

June 16, 2022


At GreenJinn, our ultimate goal is to be a low carbon business and become climate positive, which means to absorb more emissions than we generate. For this ambition to become a reality, we are partnered with Ecologi to reduce our emissions impact where possible.

Ecologi is a platform to take action on the climate crisis. They provide impactful climate solutions by supporting a range of carbon reduction and tree planting projects and partners.

The Green in GreenJinn is for sustainability. From the brands we work with, to our community and to us as a team. As a team we are trying to reduce our impact where possible. We know we need to do more.

What have we contributed so far?

In our 10 months of climate impact, we have:

ğŸŒŽ  Offset 271.12t of carbon

🌲 Planted 4,166 trees

In case you’re wondering, 271.12t carbon reduction is equivalent to: 208 long haul flights, 813 square metres of sea ice saved and 672,649 miles driven in a car! This number is only growing.

Our trees are planted all over the world, with some even in the UK. If you’re interested, you can check out their locations here 🌳

What climate projects have we supported?

We have supported a variety of Climate projects such as wind power, generating clean electricity, improving transport efficiency, preserving rainforests, generating solar power and more. These all directly impact the CO2 atmospheric levels. Many of these have been Wind Power Projects in countries such as Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Bulgaria.

Notably, we have contributed to the first ever wind power project in Honduras. This project consists of 51 2MW wind turbines that generate 345,970MWh of energy each year and will be put into the National Interconnected System of Honduras. This project prevents 226,978 tonnes of CO2e every year it operates by replacing energy created from burning fossil fuels with wind power in the national grid. 57,000 trees have also been planted over 34 acres around the site of the project.

This project plays an important role in helping Honduras with their aim to produce 60% of its energy from renewable sources by 2022. You can read about this project in more detail via Ecologi.

How can you contribute to this?

If we work together, we can take collective action to reduce our carbon emissions and save our planet 💪  If you’d like to contribute to our GreenJinn Gardens via Ecologi you can do so here.