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Earth Day 2023: Our results

by Pia M.

April 27, 2023


April is Earth Month and last Saturday it was Earth Day!

Earth Day is a day where we take the time to think about our planet. It’s time to think about what actions we can take to care for and protect our planet!

What did we do at GreenJinn?

This Earth Day, for every receipt submitted, we offset 1kg of carbon and this year, we offset 22 tonnes of CO2! That’s all thanks to you guys!💚

🏎️That’s 506,000 miles driven in an average car (22 times around the world)

🐄396 dairy cows in weight

🥤550 million plastic straws which harm our environment on a daily basis

This carbon is offset through our GreenJinn Gardens and this time, our efforts have gone into projects that are:

🌲Protecting the Matavén forest in eastern Colombia

🔋Generating Solar PV electricity in Indonesia

Thanks to all of you, we have now offset a total of 416 tonnes of carbon and planted 6,438 trees! But we aren’t done yet… We can’t wait to see how far our GreenJinn gardens will go!💚