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Earth Month

by Alessia H.

April 29, 2022


April is Earth Month and on the 22nd April it was Earth Day! 🌎

Earth Day is a day where we take time to think about OUR planet!

It’s time to think about all things climate…business climate, political climate and how we take action on climate! 🌱

What are we doing here at GreenJinn?

This year, we decided to offset 1KG of Carbon for every receipt that was submitted on Earth Day. In total we offset 18 tonnes of Carbon😍 and that’s all thanks to you guys!!

📱That’s the equivalent of 117,246,076 smartphones charged!

🗑It’s 41,721 bin bags recycled instead of thrown in landfill!

🏠That’s 188 home’s electricity use for a year!

This carbon is offset through our GreenJinn Gardens where we’ve planted a whopping 4,004 trees so far…and we’re not done yet!

We can’t wait to see how far our GreenJinn Gardens will go!