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Fairtrade Fortnight: what can you do?

by Pia M.

March 03, 2023


This week, Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 commenced! These two weeks happen each year in order to spread the word of making the switch to Fairtrade to support producers in protecting the future of our planet and some of our most loved foods! This is the perfect time to try and make the simple switch and buy Fairtrade labelled products to help make a change!💚

What does Fairtrade mean? 🤔

Fairtrade is a trading partnership that contributes to sustainable development by giving better trading conditions to producers and workers. Fairtrade also secures the rights of these marginalised workers. Fairtrade is all about giving the people who produce the products you buy and love a fair price for the work they do. 

Did you know that coffee☕, chocolate🍫 and bananas🍌 will soon be much more difficult to buy because of climate change and the truly unjust and unfair trading conditions for the producers in these sectors are making these crops harder to grow. Making the switch to Fairtrade means extra income, power and support for these producers and less rarity for us.

What can you do? 🤷

Want to take part in Fairtrade Fortnight? Not a problem. There’s lots of ways in which you can join!

🫂Join some of the Big Fairtrade Fortnight Online Get Togethers to educate yourself more about Fairtrade while meeting new people (sign up on fairtrade.co.uk) 

🗣️Spread the word about Fairtrade fortnight to friends and family 

💰Buy Fairtrade: It may just be a trial for these next two weeks but make the simple switch and help save the future of some of our favourite foods 

📱⬅️Visit the GreenJinn app to get offers on some Fairtrade products with some of our coupons! Just look for the Fairtrade logo