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Follow GreenJinn’s Journey at Lunch!

by Pia M.

September 22, 2022


You may have heard of some food and drink brands that went to the trade show ‘Lunch!’ last week… and no, it was not just a big lunch 😉

Lunch! is a trade show where food and drink brands have the opportunity to display their products and spread the word about their brand. Some brands come just to expand their consumer base and others come to talk to retailers in hopes of getting placed in store. 

We decided to go to network with brands that we had already heard of/worked with and to just explore and try products from other brands we hadn’t heard of! Our sales team went off on their journey to connect with brands, tell them about the GreenJinn app, and see if they would be a good fit with us!💚

Us in the marketing team however, had a very tiring (😉) day of walking around and trying out new food and drinks! The event was split into three sections, and of course we started with the snacks! We had all sorts of products ranging from your classic chocolate bars and crisps, all the way to alcoholic ice cream🍫! We saw brands that we have partnered with before, such as The Coconut Collaborative, Love Corn, and H!P, and have definitely discovered some new favourites! 🤤

In the restaurant section, we tried ALL SORTS of vegan meat alternatives… and were shocked to realise how much these actually tasted like fried chicken or bacon!🥓 Even though none of us are vegan, we could definitely see ourselves buying the meat alternatives from VFC! We then headed over to Soho Street Cocktails, who came up with the innovative ideas to make packaged ready made cocktails for on the go or for restaurants to buy!🍹 It really simplifies the process by making cocktail making achievable in seconds and they tasted amazing (as long as we forget that we had 5 cocktails at 2pm😉)! 

After Lunch! had finished, we met up with some brands at the pub nearby to connect on a less formal basis and get to know each other. It was amazing to see how many different brands came together for the event and let people know more about the brand than what they see on the packaging in the store. 💚