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Freestar Alcohol-free Vegan Beer Giveaway

by The GreenJinn Team

January 20, 2020


To celebrate Veganuary & Dry January, our friends at Freestar will give away a case of beer and a T-shirt!

Prize šŸ†

A lucky winner will receive:

āž”ļø A case of 24 Freestar vegan & alcohol free beer cans AND a long sleeve T-shirt! šŸ»šŸ‘•

About Freestar

Meet Freestar who make vegan, alcohol-free and gluten-free beer, so you have a choice when hanging out with your alcohol-drinking friends. Freestar have developed a production process that not only delivers a great taste tasting product but also has a significantly lower impact on the planet, using 80% less water and producing 70% less waste than the industry standard.


Rather than brew beer only to remove alcohol, they start with the same ingredients as beer ā€“ hops, malt, water ā€“ except yeast, which is what ferments into alcohol. They blend those three ingredients together with other natural ingredients to create a full flavoured beer, 100% alcohol free. Not only does this process deliver a better taste, it also uses 80% less water and creates 70% less waste than other methods.


How to Enter

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Two winners will be chosen at random from all entries across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For UK residents only, not connected to GreenJinn or Freestar. Ends 26.01.2020.