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Vegan Fudgy Chocolate Brownies Recipe

by The GreenJinn Team

January 27, 2020


About Holy Moly

Holy Moly’s all-natural and ready-to-eat range is available in four unique editions. They only use perfectly ripe Hass avocados, grown in a four-generation family-owned orchard in rural Mexico. The avocados are hand-picked and hand-scooped at source and combined with fresh local ingredients on the same day to ensure optimum freshness and great taste.

Holy Moly produces its range using traditional recipes and by combining the best avocados in Mexico with cutting edge science. The brand was the first in the UK to create fresh avocado-based dips using High Pressure Processing (HPP). This natural process is commonly used in cold-pressed fruit juices and doesn’t use chemicals or high temperatures, preserving the taste, texture and nutritional integrity of each avocado.

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