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Go Climate Positive with GreenJinn

by Ice L.

September 14, 2021


In March 2021, it was reported that the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by 51% since 1990, pushing us closer to the 2050 ‘net zero’ target (1). However, this is only the starting line in reversing climate change. The ultimate goal is to become climate positive, which means to absorb more emissions than we generate. 

For this ambition to become a reality, we have partnered up with Ecologi to reduce our emissions impact where possible.

How does it work?

Although this is just the beginning of our partnership, we are so excited to tell you that we have already offset 19.43 tonnes of carbon emissions by

Planting 376 trees in the GreenJinn forest (Two of our trees are planted in Dalry, Scotland, so if anyone would like to pay them a visit, just let us know!)

Carbon reduction project such as producing electricity from solar energy in Vietnam, and protecting and restoring 83,452 hectares of Colombia forests.

In case you are wondering, 19.43 tonnes of CO2 is equivalent to…

Why is this important to GreenJinn?

The Green in GreenJinn stands for sustainability. From the brands we work with, our community and to us as a team.

Partnering with Ecologi is just a start for us. Other than offsetting our carbon emissions on a monthly basis and contributing to carbon reduction projects around the world, the team is also committed to understanding our own impact and learning new ways to reduce our carbon emissions.

Visit GreenJinn Forest and see the impact we are contributing! 

About Ecologi

Ecologi is a platform for great climate action, from reforestation to renewables to efficient cooking stoves.

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Increase our impact with a gift!

You can choose to fund tree planting and/ or carbon offset projects, which will be shown on our Ecologi profile.

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  1. CarbonBrief, 2020. Analysis: UK is now halfway to meeting its ‘net-zero emissions’ target
  2. CWJobs, 2021. The hidden cost of your emails on the planet.