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Happy Birthday GreenJinn!

by Pia M.

September 30, 2022


It was our birthday this week!

Wow. Where do we start. 5 years ago we decided to put our idea we had thought of at university to life. We wanted to connect mindful and curious people with brave brands. We moved to the UK, not knowing where this would take us. and well…Hello GreenJinn!

We are so proud of what the team have achieved.

A very very condensed highlights list:

👬Now have an international team of 20
🍲Have worked with so many amazing brands (even better we get to try them all!)
🤲Teamed up with our charity partner Felix Project who like us want to make sure people are having great food and nothing goes to waste.
☁️Helped fund carbon reduction projects around the world and remained a carbon neutral business with Ecologi

But most importantly… we have you guys. We couldn’t do any of this without you.You have discovered new brands, given us lots of great feedback to help us get to where we are today and given us support for every step.

Plus you guys have saved A LOT of money😉

We know things are tough at the moment and energy costs are going up again soon so we hope GreenJinn can help in our way with your food costs. We will continue to do what we can through this difficult time.The team and the people we work with (you guys) are what makes our business.

Thank you again, you are all legends.

For those who have got this far… well done😜

We wanted to say thank you for your support with a chance to get a chocolatey surprise from us! All you have to do is…(basically what you are doing already!):

Level 1: Submit three separate receipts by Sunday = free 🍫

Level 2: Double it to six receipts by the end of next week to get something a little extra!🍫