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How to save money in 2023!

by Pia M.

February 03, 2023


It’s been getting really cold here in the UK, and at the same time, prices and bills are at an all time high.You may think that you’ve tried it all when it comes to saving money, but our users have thought up some ideas that you should consider! Here are some of our favourites:

📴Turn off what’s not being used:
Turn off your kettle as soon as it starts boiling to avoid using extra energy, switch off electricity at your main sockets and wash clothes at off-peak times.

📚Do your research:
Do a quick google search before you head out to the shops to find out which stores sell the same products for cheaper. Trolley is a great website where you can do this!

♻️Reduce food waste:
People throw out products too quickly because they don’t realise that they can use them and save money! You can limit the waste of your fruit and veg by including the peels and stalks in cooking, and shopping in your food cupboard and freezer before heading to the shops can make you realise how much food you actually still have at home. Batch cooking and meal prep will allow you to store more meals in the freezer and lengthen the lifespan of your food.

🛒Bulk buy:
If you buy in bulk, you’re less likely to head to the shops multiple times during the week to buy things you don’t really need. Remember, concentrate on essential – not luxury. A little tip from one of you was to buy a whole chicken and use the bones as a stock for further meals. This can stretch the original cost for 8-10 meals!😍

🤑Deals, deals, deals:
You could probably already figure this last one out, but that’s no reason not to mention it! Buy reduced, own brand, yellow sticker products and get the best deals around. Going shopping just before closing time can also get you more deals since they’re throwing out things that are going off. And of course… USE GREENJINN! We have new amazing deals every week for you to enjoy!!😍