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How to save money this winter

by Holly T.

December 13, 2022


The weather has suddenly gotten very cold here in the UK!

Is anyone else drinking lots of hot water, wearing multiple jumpers and got all the blankets on you just to keep warm and avoid turning the heating on?

Well the money expert, Martin Lewis, has shared some top tips to keep our energy bills down👇


Keep that oven door open
When you’re cooking using the oven, keep it slightly open after you’ve finished. As it cools down it will heat your kitchen

One Degree Challenge
The WHO says a household temperature of 18 degrees is suitable for healthy adults. Take it one degree at a time and reduce it down. Reducing the temp from 21 to 20 could save you 10% on your heating bill

Let the thermostat work
When it’s really cold, do you go and turn up the heat? Trust the thermostat and save money by allowing the temp to adjust on its own before cranking it up. Be sure to turn off the radiators in rooms that aren’t actively used.

Watching the world cup?
Put your television in low energy setting to minimise energy usage

Water saving shower heads
What’s better than having a long hot shower when it’s freezing outside? However, this wastes A LOT of water. With water-saving shower heads, they save money on the water bill. They shoot out air and water so you won’t notice the difference.

Use your curtains properly
When the sun is out, the curtains should be open and using the free heating (limited sun right now here in the UK!). At night time (or 4pm when it gets dark), keep the curtains closed and consider lining them with fleece to keep the heat inside.


In case you’re looking for more ideas, we asked the team at GreenJinn for their suggestions and top tips:

🚪 Keep all the doors between rooms closed to keep the heat in

🧼 Turn off the shower when you’re soaping up to save that water!

🧦 Wear extra thick socks as this can keep in a lot of body heat

☕ Make sure you only boil the water you’re planning to use – don’t over boil!


We also asked our app users for some top tips on how to keep those heating bills down:
👖 Wear gym leggings under joggers

👕 Wear multiple thin layers of clothes

💻 Hot water bottle on lap when working

🛏️ Electric blanket in bed

🎩 Wear a hat indoors, no one to see you and you lose a lot of heat from your head


So, if you want to try and save during this winter season, give some of these a try and let us know how it goes!