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My First Few Weeks as an intern at GreenJinn!

by Pia M.

August 05, 2022


About Me

Hi everyone!👋 I’m Pia and I’m a student at the University of Bath on an industrial placement as a Marketing Assistant at GreenJinn. I found GreenJinn initially through my university placement database and was really interested in the good that the app brings to people like me, on a student budget and feeling the pinch.💰

The Interview Process

My interview process included two phases, both of which took place remotely with the GreenJinn marketing team. During my first interview, it was all about getting to know me better and how I would be a good fit for the brand and the marketing team😀 The team was extremely kind and ensured me that I did not need to be nervous as it was an informal conversation where I could ask questions as well. The girls asked me about my previous roles and wanted to know how my previous experience could be an asset to them.

The second stage included a task I needed to complete where I could take a product of my choice and create an instagram post and newsletter promoting it. The team was very helpful in guiding me through the interview process and testing my knowledge helped me understand what my role would be within the team. I found out that I was accepted the day after my second interview through an email from the marketing manager and the rest is history! I was extremely well prepared by the team prior to the start of the internship, allowing me to get the hang of the work fairly quickly!💚

My Role

As a marketing intern, I am taking over creating posts and videos for GreenJinn’s social media, as well as communicating with users and sending out emails and messages. This allows me to be creative while also bringing attention to the app, which I love because I’ll never get bored 😍 Alessia, the intern that was previously working in my position, made sure I knew my way around all of the different tasks I will need to complete and was always available for the dozens of questions I was asking her daily😂

Starting at GreenJinn

My first week was mainly remote working because of the heatwave in London so I was initially nervous about how everyone would be through the screen. However, I quickly learnt how open and welcoming the whole team was! I met almost everyone within my first few days because I had individual and team meetings – which made me feel much more at ease and comfortable💚 

Working at a smaller company means that I get more autonomy throughout, which I definitely noticed straight away as I started to get tasks and projects, which gave me a feeling of responsibility that I knew I could take on for the rest of my career. Additionally, although marketing was my main interest, there is a lot of crossover between our team and the others, which means that I can explore all the different areas of the business, which people can rarely do at larger companies. I am so grateful that I got the placement at GJ and I cannot wait for the year that is ahead of me!