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National Vegetarian Week 2023

by Pia M.

May 17, 2023


This week is National Vegetarian Week! 💚

National Vegetarian Week is organised by the Vegetarian Society and is dedicated to showing the British public that vegetarian food doesn’t have to be bland or boring. With big name supermarkets and celebrity chefs getting in on the action, it encourages people to go vegetarian for the whole week to prove that it isn’t that difficult!

Why you should participate:

National Vegetarian Week is the perfect reason to give vegetarian food a go! You could even try making one vegetarian meal a day for the week! Whether it’s going veggie all week or just one meal, you’ll still be making a real difference!

Make a difference:

Plant-based foods have much lower carbon footprints, so by choosing veggie meals, you’re making real carbon savings! The amount saved by your veggie dinner can be the same as driving long distances in a car! 🚗 The National Vegetarian Week recipes are all carbon-calculated so you can actually see the difference you’re making!

Benefits of veggie diets:

🐖Reduced Animal extinction and boosts animal welfare

🌳Eating vegetarian is better for the environment

💗Boosts your heart health

🤢Reduces the risk of food borne illnesses

Why not give it a go for a week? Now’s the perfect time!