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Organic September: Restaurants, Fashion & Food

by Carlota A.

September 21, 2021


It’s Organic September! Organic September is a month-long campaign celebrating everything organic and raising awareness to the work that goes into growing organic. We know the damage we are putting on the planet at the moment and this movement is here to make the benefits of organic food and farming for our climate known. 

The main aim of this movement is to encourage everyone to make planet-positive decisions and to prevent further damage to the environment. During September, this campaign focuses on showing people why we should choose Organic:

Supports wildlife, soil and farm animals

Helping combat climate change 

The best standards of animal welfare

Reducing pesticides exposures

Just a few to mention…

In this blog we will share some tips on how to carry out an organic lifestyle this September and beyond. It only takes one small change to make a difference. 

Carrying out an Organic Lifestyle in a city like London

Carrying out an organic lifestyle does not necessarily mean changing everything you are used to doing. However, it does mean switching some of our consumption habits to more eco-friendly alternatives. This could be visiting organic restaurants, buying sustainable clothing and purchasing organic food products.  

It can be very overwhelming at first but don’t worry, we’ve got some places for you to start! Just remember any small change can make a big difference. 

Below are some amazing organic restaurants, sustainable clothing brands and organic stores that will help you start an organic lifestyle in London! And we can confirm, the food is delicious! We have just given some places that we know in London, however we know there are so many options all over the country. Please let us know your favourite and we will add it to the list!

Top 5 organic restaurants you can’t miss in London:
1. Vantra

Vegan restaurant which serves organic, ethical and sustainable food while keeping the prices low. They have everything from probiotic salads to hot curries!

2. Natural Kitchen

Amazing classic dishes with local sustainable ingredients. You can have from eggs Benedict to fish and chips or enjoy salads with organic delights!

3. Hally’s

Treat yourself and your friends to a weekend bottomless brunch with amazing avo toasts and unlimited prosecco at Hally’s.

4. Daylesford

Taste meat as it is meant to be at Daylesford (3 locations in London or head to the Daylesford farm in Gloucestershire). They use products from their own farm, dairy from the in-house creameries and have their own organic bakery. 

5. The Hive

This organic restaurant not only has a great selection of fresh juices, organic wines and craft beers, but also, delicious dishes full with organic ingredients such as quinoa granola or keto bowls.

3 sustainable fashion brands to visit in London:
1. Henri

Organic cotton shirts created by Henrietta Adams, a London-based designer that is committed to sustainability and environmental health. 


The influencer Ngoni Chikwenengere created this brand to prove the point that an eco-friendly fashion industry is possible. She uses sustainable fabric to produce amazing women’s dresses.

3. Girlfriend collective

Girlfriend Collective produces sustainable activewear with recycled materials and ethical manufacturing.

Sustainable local food and product stores to give a try in London:
1. The Source Bulk Foods

You’ll find everything from turmeric to toilet cleaner at this Australian-owned plastic-free haven.

2. Bulk Market

In Bulk Market, you can not only find packaging-free eggs and loose grains, you can also make your own cosmetic products at their zero-waste beauty bar!

3. BYO

Alongside kitchen essentials it also stocks bamboo toothbrushes, reusable make-up rounds and wax food-wrap with vegan and biodegradable materials.

4. Zéro

This store stocks six different types of flour, different types of pasta, and probably the most local honey you’re going to find!

How are we staying organic at GreenJinn?

One of our most significant company values here at GreenJinn is GREEN which embodies sustainability. From the brands we work with, our community (that’s you guys) and to us as a team. We believe that by avoiding waste, carbon reduction, sustainable consumption and wildlife protection we will be able to prevent further damage to our planet.

The Green in our name is for sustainability. We are now officially a climate positive company (YAY). This also means that the products on our app and the companies we work with are all carefully selected. We make sure they share the same values we have regarding our view on reducing environmental damage. When selecting our products, we make sure they fit into one or more (or ideally all) of our criteria, one of them being sustainable. This includes sustainable packaging, organic ingredients and that the brand has eco-friendly policies. Below are some of our most well-known brands we work closely with that use organic ingredients where they can or have their own environmental standards that share the same objective.


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