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Out with the old and in with the new: All of this weeks NEW brands!

by Pia M.

April 01, 2023


We know you love to see new things on the app, and we love giving you what you want!πŸ˜‰ This week, we saw a few familiar brands but also, some exciting new products we couldn’t wait to show you!

Grey Poupon:

Grey Poupon is the fine wine of mustards! Inspired by their French roots, the founders want to make the world a flavourful place! They stand against bland and boring meals, so say goodbye to your sad sandwiches and dull dinners! Grey Poupon’s delicious and authentic wholegrain mustard just dropped on GreenJinn!πŸ’š We’ve also got something very special dropping on our socials soon using Grey Poupon so keep your eyes peeled and try their delicious mustard for 50% OFF!πŸ˜‰


Ever heard of Mochi? Everyone has right?! We’re bringing you something EVEN BETTER! The second NEW brand that dropped on GreenJinn this week is Doughlicious. Never go to bed craving something sweet again, because their delicious DOUGHCHI balls are perfect for you! On the exterior, delicious cookie dough and inside, refreshing ice cream🀀 Get all 3 of their flavours for 1/3 OFF now!


We’ve been trying to gate-keep this one, but we can’t hold it in anymore! You’ve been asking for more essentials, and especially more cleaning products – so we delivered. Not only is OceanSaver going to help out with your spring cleaning, but they do it in a sustainable way!🌎 They advocate for removing single-use plastic from our cleaning routines and have dropped a line of refillable EcoDrops. Help yourself and protect the planet while you’re cleaning and buy OceanSaver for 50% OFF!πŸ’š

So, what do you think of our new brands? We love them! And don’t worry, we’ll have many more coming very soonπŸ˜‰