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Plastic Free July: Sustainable Brands

by Insiya A.

July 28, 2023


This July, millions of participants have taken steps to end plastic pollution by choosing to refuse single-use plastic. Throughout the month, we have worked as a team to do our bit for the planet too. We have been joined this month by our brands such as H!P, Hip Pop and Days! 🔊

H!P Chocolate

This brand is a sustainable, plant-based oat m!lk chocolate brand, producing delicious, creamy chocolate from a slave-free supply chain 🍫 Plus, their packaging is plastic free! It is made from an eco-friendly alternative, wood pulp, and can be composted at home.

Hip Pop 

Their drinks are packed with gut-friendly probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants with no artificial ingredients or sweeteners - only the best components go into their beverages 🧃They’re all for the environment, using 100% natural ingredients and reusable packaging across their products.


Ever heard of 100% beer which is 100% natural without any alcohol? Days has only plant based ingredients with locally sourced water and ingredients 🍻

Be a force for change

Plastic Free July’s 140 million participants make a big difference by stopping around 300 million kg of plastic polluting the world each year. Spread the word and join the movement to help protect our environment! 💚

For more information on Plastic Free July, head to their website here and why not head to our socials @greenjinnapp to see what else we have shared throughout the month! Remember, refusing single use plastic isn’t important only in July, but every month too! 🌎