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QR Codes – How Best to Use Them and Why They are So Important

by Holly T.

August 03, 2022


We’ve gone QR crazy!

Did you know, QR codes were first invented in 1994? We’re sure even the team who created the first QR code would be surprised to see how they’ve taken over.

We’ve always been fans of QR codes here at GreenJinn, and they’re part of our GreenJinn Treasure feature. However, we weren’t expecting to see them everywhere in the last few years, from being in windows, graffiti on the floor and to how we order our drinks at pubs.

We can think of some amazing examples of QR code usage (other than the brands that we work with). For example, earlier this year, Coinbase broke the internet when their 60 second ad showed nothing more than a QR code bouncing around on screen!

Why is Everyone Using QR Codes?

The cost of digital marketing is ever-increasing. Let’s face it, the cost of everything is going up these days.

QR codes allow businesses to share more information without taking up space on their media. They can send a consumer directly to a product page, interacting with the media and making the consumer journey easier. Thanks to Covid, QR codes are something that we have become accustomed to.

However, we see so many brands either not using them at all when they would greatly benefit their media or not utilising them to their best potential.

So, how do we best use QR codes at GreenJinn? Find out more information from our full article over on Phaebs.