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Recycle Week: Your choice of dessert perfection made clear

by Holly T.

September 22, 2023


This week was Recycle Week ♻️🌱

Recycle Week is Recycle Now's annual event to celebrate recycling

It's in its 20th year and this week inspired children, families and whole communities to get involved in The Big Recycling Hunt. This focuses on items that can be recycled but are commonly missed at home.

🗑️ In the UK, plastic packaging totals 2.5 million tonnes and accounts for nearly 70% of our plastic waste 🌍 Every year 2.5 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally 👚 Around £140 million worth of clothing is sent to UK landfills each year

This Recycle Week, we have a special feature from one of our amazing brands, Pots & Co, on their move towards improving their sustainability.

At Pots & Co all of their desserts are handmade in small batches by chefs, they use only the finest ingredients in their desserts. Their Lemon & Lime Posset is made with real lemon and lime juice and their chocolate desserts are made with single origin, sustainably crafted Colombian chocolate using 'fino de aroma' cocoa. This cocoa is classified as the top 8% of cocoa in the world and is grown on farms in Colombia. These aren't just any farms, they are pioneering spaces where the environment and community come first and where innovation is everything.

Their delicious desserts are now served in reusable and fully recyclable glass pots, so that you can recycle your pots in your household recycling box. Still 100% divine, but now 100% recyclable from home and 100% reusable!

They made the decision to move from ceramic to glass pots in their journey to improve their sustainability. Whilst their ceramic pots were beautiful and reusable, they were not curbside recyclable. They wanted to offer their exceptional desserts in a pot that can be widely recycled. By making this change, they removed over 460 tonnes of non-curbside recyclable ceramic out of the supply chain. Although their colourful ceramic pots were loved, they know that their decision will be a much happier one for our planet! ğŸŒŽ

    How you can get involved

  • • Shop with some of our sustainable brands on the GreenJinn app, such as Pots & Co! Available on the GreenJinn app for 50% OFF now!
  • • Empty & rinse food containers before you recycle them
  • • Recycle shopping bags, bubble wrap and plastic film at your major supermarkets
  • • Take old batteries to collection bins in shops and offices
  • • Double check that you're recycling properly, more things can be recycled than you think
  • • Don't forget to spread the word and encourage one another to recycle!

By taking action now, we can help improve our planet and environment for future generations 💪