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Scrapples: Healthy Kids Snacks, made from wonky apples

by Holly T.

December 19, 2022


Have you ever wondered how much fruit and veg goes to waste?

Well it’s a large amount. 930m tonnes goes to waste globally each year.

Plus, only 23% of us eat our 5 a day.

That’s where Scrapples comes in.

Scrapples are delicious award-winning, crunchy anytime snacks for kids. Made from 100% whole wonky fruit, the healthy and affordable range contains no added sugar, salt, fat or oil and a pack counts as one of your childs five a day.

Scrapples believe snacks should taste good and do good, that’s why they transform wonky apples into healthy crisps, so the more you snack, the less goes to waste. Scrapples make use of both wonky raw and dried apples that are often rejected because they are misshapen, blemished, or deemed the wrong shape or size. The wonky apples are always fresh and delicious, they just happen to look a bit irregular; Scrapples transforms them into beautifully healthy, Great Taste Award-winning apple crisps that are good for people, producers, and the planet. Hence their mantra: Waste Not, Want Lots! 

Launched in September 2020, by father of two and major foodie, Ben Whitehead, Scrapples aim to make life easy for fellow parents looking for genuinely healthier snacks that don’t compromise on taste, nutritional balance, or the environment. This is important when you consider that only one in six children get their five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. It’s not always easy to achieve a balanced diet, especially when children often snack up to five times a day*, and most mass-market kids’ snacks lack any real nutritional value. *Mintel Kids Snacking Report 2019 

Scrapples worked with hundreds of parents and kids to develop the range, ensuring their apple crisps are apple-solutely perfect for both lunchboxes and on-the-go, so kids can enjoy a healthy snack any time of day. With the rollout across supermarkets and online retailers UK-wide, and a new lower multipack price, the team at Scrapples are excited to be made available to more families than ever before, with the aim of impacting snacking behaviours and attitudes to food waste from an early age. 

So, why not help us save fruit and veg from going to waste with Scrapples? You can grab some on the GreenJinn app for 75% OFF!

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