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The ins and outs of Veganuary!

by Pia M.

January 27, 2023


You may have heard about Veganuary, but very few people know how it actually started.🌱 It began as an idea in Jane Land’s kitchen in York while speaking to her husband Matthew Glover in 2014 and has since turned into a phenomenon, with over 500,000 sign ups every year and an estimated 1 million people around the world participating. For one month each year (January), people will pledge to stop eating animal products to promote and trial the vegan lifestyle and hopefully take it on. Participants can sign up online and receive a downloadable starter kit (including restaurant guides, recipes and product directories) and daily support emails🫶. Veganuary enables you to join a large community and communicates the message that veganism is easy and fun!

Veganuary at GreenJinn:

During the past month, we have promoted lots of vegan products to make it cheaper for all of you to take part in Veganuary and get certain vegan products that may be expensive otherwise such as milk alternatives and fake meat. We’ve also given you a few recipes on our weekly newsletters and have a lot more on our social media for you to follow and see how simple and fun vegan cooking can be💚

Some of the brands we had on the app this month that you loved included VFC Chick*n, Fuel 10k porridge, Cupsmith vegan hot chocolate, H!P oat milk chocolate, Bold Bean Co, Re:Nourish, and many many more. 

How to keep including vegan eating in your diet: 

So you’ve made it through Veganuary… why not continue incorporating vegan foods in your diet? It benefits you, our animals, and of course our environment!🌎 Here are some top tips to keep some of Veganuary for the rest of the year: 

🍽️Find out where you can eat out ahead of time so you know if the restaurant has any vegan options 

👨‍🍳Learn how to cook new dishes (follow us on our socials to see new recipes) 

🧠Remind yourself why you went vegan in the first place 

📚Stay informed about vegan nutrition and make sure you know where important nutrients like B12, vitamin D and iron come from

💰Use the GreenJinn app to get cashback on delicious vegan products and brands!!