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The Virtue of Frozen Food

by Holly T.

October 06, 2022


By now, we all know that we need to do something to tackle the climate crisis. One of the key ways that we can do this is by reducing food waste. Storing food in our freezers can contribute to this so that they don’t go off and saves them from going to waste too soon.

Today, we have a few words from David, our Client Lead, on the virtue of frozen food. Read below for what David has to say on the topic ⬇️

Are frozen foods 🧊 back in vogue?

Tesco reported today that it’s seeing customers switching from chilled to frozen foods, and Sainsbury’s are upping customer education with their pop up ‘Sainsfreeze’, it’s great to see a return to this sometimes unloved category.

At GreenJinn, we’re currently running campaigns for both The Kraft Heinz Company Beanz Burgerz and Strong Roots in Iceland Foods and the GreenJinn community ❤️ these products! Frozen options are something our users have really been asking for this year.

As mentioned here by Sainsbury’s in The Grocer; frozen foods are also a way to tackle food waste. Very relevant right now as everyone are looking at cost saving methods at home and a win win for the planet as well. 🌎

So, if there are any companies out there that fancy having a chat on all things frozen, do get in touch! Let’s ride this frozen wave together ❄️