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Top 9 Money Saving Tips!

by Pia M.

August 10, 2022


Feeling the pinch recently? We know we are, so we wanted to come up with tips and tricks that can be easily changed in your daily lives to help you save money!

  1. Meal prep and bulk grocery shopping🛒

Making organised lists and thinking about what you’re going to be eating each week helps reduce waste – and stops you from getting items that you may not need. Meal prep will ensure that the more expensive items will not go off and will save you time when you get home from a long day and are just craving a ready meal or takeout.

2. Money Saving Apps

Too good to go app📱(https://toogoodtogo.com/en-us)

The Too Good To Go app reduces waste AND can save you some money at the same time. It will notify you about restaurants that are offering discounts for food at the end of the day which they would usually throw out – meaning that you can get perfectly good food for much cheaper and can help the environment at the same time.


Come on… you knew this was coming! There’s really no excuse not to download and use the app – it’s free, you get to try healthy new and healthy food that is good for the environment, and you pretty much get paid for it! What are you guys waiting for?!

3. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

We know we don’t need to be subscribed to half the programmes that make us pay each month. Review your subscriptions and discover which ones you use regularly and cancel the rest, it’ll save you a lot of money and you won’t be as tempted to stay in front of the TV for the whole weekend 😉

4. Shop on Wednesdays

Many groceries launch midweek sales on Wednesdays, and still carry over their previous sales. Going shopping on Wednesday could save you money (especially when used in combination with your GreenJinn app 😉), and all you need to do is go shopping on a different weekday!

5. Save your coins!👛

We know people often disregard their coins because they don’t make up much, but trust us – they add up! I once went through all of my handbags and found over 200 pounds in coins that were dispersed over the years!

6. Stop using contactless credit cards💳

Using contactless credit cards has allowed us to forget the feeling of a transaction between a product and the money you pay. Yes, it’s convenient to be able to pay with one tap- no memorising of any numbers necessary, but it’s important that we feel the transaction to know whether or not it is worth it. It could also be a good idea to delete your credit card information from online shopping websites. We know again, it’s convenient to have everything saved so it takes less effort. But giving yourself time to write out your information will give you time to determine whether it is a necessity, or you’re just bored and browsing through ASOS or Amazon.

7. Try to reduce expensive habits🚭

Highly taxed goods can take a lot of money out of your budget. Goods such as alcohol and nicotine are taxed extremely highly, and just reducing your intake by a little bit could give you that extra push in the savings jar!

8. Try out a no-spend weekend

We know it can be tempting to go out for a nice dinner or drinks on the weekend – especially after a long week. However, why not give a no-spend weekend, or even just one day a go? You could go to the park, have a cosy movie night at home, cook some leftovers from the week, the options are endless – we just don’t like to think outside the box 😉.

9. Envelope system✉️

You may have seen this trend on TikTok! Kristine Thorndyke and her boyfriend pay everything in cash, and at the beginning of the month, they separate their money into envelopes dedicated to their spending. They account for bills and necessary payments, but also leave some room in their budget for savings for a holiday or a nice dinner on the weekend. This allows them to keep track of their spending while also not restraining themselves entirely!

Those are a few of the ideas that we came up with, some of which are more drastic than others – but we know that these times can be very difficult and shocking to the system to some. Let us know on our social media platforms if you can think of any other ideas, we would love to hear them!