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Top ways to deal with burnout at work!

by Pia M.

August 26, 2022


In this guest blog post, Elizabeth Mackenzie discusses burnout and how to handle it at work, as well as how employers can help employees avoid a burnout!

Your brain and body can only endure being overworked and overburdened for a certain amount of time. If you have high levels of stress regularly without taking steps to manage or minimise it, tiredness will ultimately set in, leaving you emotionally and physically exhausted.

You may lose motivation since it appears nothing counts. Since burnout is not instant, you may not notice its symptoms and dismiss it as nothing. It can impact your capacity to operate in many areas of your life. In this article, the top ways to deal with burnout are discussed alongside ways to prevent it.

What is Burnout?

According to the World Health Organisation, “Burnout is classified as an occupational phenomenon in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases.”It isn’t considered a medical ailment, but it saps your vitality and lowers productivity, leaving you feeling helpless, sad, cynical, and resentful. You may feel like you have nothing left to contribute. 

Excessive and sustained stress can lead to burnout. When you’re stressed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands, it means you are burned out. As the tension increases, you lose interest in and motivation for the role you initially assumed.

Key Signs of Burnout

The most common signs of burnout include forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, reduced pride in your work, and losing sight of your goals. 

Other symptoms include difficulty maintaining relationships present with loved ones, frustration and irritation with coworkers, unexplained muscle tension, pain, fatigue, and insomnia are also key signs of burnout. 

Steps To Help You Beat Burnout

Look for the Source

It’s difficult to make changes when you don’t know what needs to change, but looking into contributing variables or sources of stress in your life can help. Burnout typically occurs in the workplace and is typically the result of a more demanding job.

Having a demanding academic schedule or dealing with relationship issues can also lead to burnout. This includes situations that appear to be going in circles, caring for a loved one with a serious or chronic health condition, or attempting to do too much on your own.

Make a List of Adjustments

Burnout is generally the result of prioritizing work above personal duties or hobbies. If you’re experiencing burnout, take some time to rethink your priorities. Figure out various steps and strategies you can take to reduce your workload and acknowledge that you won’t be able to handle everything. 

Request that your boss change one of your projects or add another person to your team. If you’re already pressed for time for the things that need to be done, adding more tasks will aggravate and worry you. Examine your current commitments and see if you can cancel or reschedule a few; all these make up a very good time management practice and helps prevent burnout. 

Seek Out Assistance

Your employer, family, friends, and coworkers may be able to help. Approach your boss or human resources to determine which of the aforementioned options are feasible and devise a plan. Delegating some of your responsibilities as a business owner may help reduce stress. Determine which employees you can rely on and delegate some of the tasks you’ve been performing.

See Knowledge

Delegating may not be the best option for things you don’t understand or find difficult. You must seek knowledge in these situations. You can improve your knowledge by taking an online course, or if you work in technology, you can enroll in coding bootcamps.

If you are unsure about which coding bootcamps to attend, some good options are App Academy, Flatiron School, and Thinkful, or you can ask for technical training in your workplace. This helps them understand what you’re doing to improve yourself and broadens your skill set.

Self-care Is Important

Burnout recovery takes a lot of time and effort. It needs a significant commitment to one’s emotional and physical well-being. If you devote some of your time to it, you can restore your body and mind to its natural state.

You can also get support from your family, friends, co-workers, and even your employer. You can meet with major stakeholders to take the steps necessary to put a plan in motion. If you are the business owner, delegate some of your responsibilities to relieve pressure.

Practice Self-care

According to Southern New Hampshire University, self-care means caring for yourself. The importance of self-care is not far-fetched. Yoga, meditation, and going for a walk are all examples of self-care practices. You can exercise, go to a social gathering, and enjoy the moment as it unfolds.

Spend quality time with people and engage in activities that bring you delight. Having good sleeping habits can help you regain your health and concentrate on appreciating the present moment without passing judgment.

How to Stay Away from Burnout

You can prevent burnout if you could avoid it. Unreasonable work expectations, a bad relationship with a boss, or a dead-end career are all common causes of burnout. Burnout is frequently triggered by factors outside our control, making prevention difficult. Start seeking work elsewhere if you find yourself in a job you despise or don’t expect your current circumstances to improve.

If you enjoy your job but are exhausted by the workload and are concerned about burnout, have a better work-life balance. Get enough sleep, food, and exercise. Look for ways to reduce the amount of time you spend working and thinking about your profession to avoid exhaustion and burnout.

How Can Employers Assist Employees in Avoiding Burnout?

Employers can assist employees in avoiding burnout by giving them more enjoyable jobs regularly. You can find strategies that play to your team’s skills and interests. This can be done by providing upskill programs that can aid an employee in developing their skills. You can also achieve it by having social gatherings, which help release stress.