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Trying to reduce your plastic at home?

by Laurent O.

July 20, 2022


How many bottles of skin care, shampoo, and moisturisers have you gone through already this year? 

A recent survey showed that the average woman will leave the house having used 18 different skincare and make up products. That is a lot of plastic. A lot of these will not be able to be recycled as well.

We all need to reduce our single use plastic at home…Proverb is definitely a good place to start! 

Proverb are a natural and organic company who are trying to reduce customers’ consumption of single-use plastic in a sleek new design.

Proverb Skin, founded by an ex-professional rugby player, Luke Sherriff and natural skincare guru, Kirstie Sherriff, has taken the next step to become more sustainable by launching their minimal waste skincare packaging.

Their natural and lab-proven formula now offers plastic-free “reloads” when you re-purchase the products. Back in December, the brand re-launched their best selling Cleanse & Shave Mud and Energising Facial Scrub with eco-friendly aluminium tubes.

You can now purchase the Proverb moisturisers and serum in a glass bottle with a pump and outer protective box on their first order. For all ongoing orders, you will then receive a glass bottle with a tiny recyclable aluminium cap so that they can reuse their original pumps.

Co-founder, Kirstie, explains the move to more sustainable packaging: “For us, it wasn’t a question in re-packaging our skincare. We knew that even as a small brand, we can make a big difference in the amount of single-use plastic our customers are consuming.” “While we can’t get around the fact that on your first order, you will receive a plastic pump, we hope that by re-using this – it will cut down the amount of plastic heading to landfills and our oceans. In the meantime, we are eagerly watching packaging suppliers on creating a pump that doesn’t contain plastic – unfortunately, the technology isn’t there yet. But we stay optimistic!”

With the world becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, Proverb are trying to encourage people to save as much packaging waste as possible and industry-wide pumps are the real issue, as they are mixed materials and very hard to truly recycle.


Give them a go at: https://proverbskin.com