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We’re all going on a summer holiday

by Holly T.

August 19, 2022


We’re all aware that costs are rising and it’s something that we’re noticing in our day to day lives. UK inflation has risen at its fastest rate for 40 years, jumping to 9.4%.

We wanted to hear how everyone has been getting on so, we recently surveyed our GreenJinn users to find out and it is heartbreaking to hear that people are really feeling the crunch. Some have to choose between the risk of getting a fine for not paying council tax to get petrol for the school run.

We know food costs are a serious issue and as a company that encourages everyone to eat healthily, we are worried people will resort to cheaper ‘junk’ food to save where they can.

We want to do our best to help out where possible and ensure that healthy food is accessible for everyone.

So, what are we doing to help out? Read what our founder Rob has to say in the full article over on Business Leader.