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What’s in season in June?

by Alessia H.

June 21, 2022


What’s in season in June? And…how is it already June?!

What does eating in season mean? It refers to eating produce that is grown locally right now🌱

Eating in season reduces the carbon footprint as the produce doesn’t need to travel a long way to get to you💨

Not only that but it is often cheaper as well since the transport and managing costs are lower 💷

Here are some examples of the fruit and veg that is in season this month!🥕🥬

The veg in season includes:

☘️ Broad Beans

☘️ Chard

☘️ Mint

☘️ Lettuce

☘️ Baby Carrots

☘️ Parsley

☘️ Courgettes

☘️ Summer Squash

The fruit in season includes:

🌱 Raspberries

🌱 Strawberries

🌱 Currants

🌱 Gooseberries

🌱 Cherries

What will you be buying in June?

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels