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World Environment Day 2021: How We Can Make A Difference

by Laurent O.

June 05, 2021


Did you know that today is World Environment Day? 🌎

World Environment Day is the United Nations day dedicated to encouraging global awareness and protection of our environment. Every year on 5th June, governments, businesses and citizens come together to address pressing environmental issues.

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is Ecosystem Restoration 🌱 This means preventing, halting and reversing the damage that has already taken place. In case you’re not aware, this is what is already taking place and what we need to take action to prevent and reverse:

🌲 Every three seconds, the world loses a football pitch worth of forest.

🌊 We have destroyed over half of our wetlands in the last century.

🐚 50% of our coral reefs have been lost, which could increase to 90% by 2025.

As you may already know from our sustainability series, taking care of our planet and the environment is very important to us here at GreenJinn. 

While today is especially important for awareness, this is an area that we are working on not just today but everyday. For today, we will be addressing what we’re already doing and will share some resources for everyone to get involved and make a difference.

Together, we can act now to revive our damaged ecosystems and help end poverty, combat climate change, and a mass extinction. We can be #GenerationRestoration.


What we do at GreenJinn

So what do we do at GreenJinn to stay sustainable and environmentally friendly?

The team at GreenJinn have taken some pledges to ensure that we’re keeping up and taking action. These are just some of our pledges here at GreenJinn:

Brands we work with & SHIFT

Here at GreenJinn, we also strongly believe in five key criteria which we reflect through the brands we work with. All of our brands must fit into one of these criteria: Sustainable, Healthy, Innovative, Fun & Tasty (SHIFT). These are what we stand for and aim to achieve when working with others. 

Some of the brands we work with that are also currently live in app are sustainable in the following ways:

Edgard & Cooper

Edgard & Cooper use recyclable packaging so you can feed your pooch sustainably. Plus, they have a Zero Pawprint Plan to make a positive impact and reach targets of zero carbon, fully sustainable packaging and 100% ethical sourcing by 2025.


OGGS is an ethical plant based egg alternative for baking and cooking to reduce your dairy intake. It’s a chickpea water-based Aquafaba. It’s good for you, the animals and the planet.

Wild Deodorant 

Wild is an all natural deodorant that is eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s also aluminium free with compostable, plastic free refills. It’s kind to your skin and the planet.

How we can all get involved and make an impact

Participate in worldwide digital events hosted by UNEP and Decade partners.

Raise your voice and spread the word with the hashtag #GenerationRestoration or #WorldEnvironmentDay on social media to revive and protect our ecosystems. 

Take action to make sure you’re staying environmentally friendly and do some of your own pledges to keep on top of what you’re doing to make a difference! 💪


Header image by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash

Visit the World Environment Day website for more: