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World Hunger Day 2023

by Pia M.

May 28, 2023


Today is World Hunger Day. Over 800 MILLION people around the world are hungry and yet one third of all food is wasted 😲

Hunger is often silent, invisible and relentless. Unlike famines which attract emergency aid, millions of people globally are forced to accept hunger and are unable to make their dreams a reality.

What you should know:

  • 1/9 people do not have enough nutritious food to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • 85% of species are at risk of extinction due to our global food system
  • 30% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from our global food system
  • 80% of people living in hunger are living in areas prone to climate change

Sustainable Solutions:

The focus of this year’s World Hunger Day is sustainability. Throughout the campaign, The Hunger Project will be highlighting the role of creating sustainable food systems to ensure everyone has access to food, both now and in the future and help make the UN sustainable goal of zero hunger a reality 💪

Sustainable Supper:

This year, World Hunger Day falls on a Sunday. Sunday’s are for family and spending time with your friends, unwinding from the weekend. Why not host a sustainable supper with your family and friends and raise funds to end hunger 🍴

Need some inspiration? Head to The Hunger Project’s website for sustainable menus curated by chefs all around the world!

What can you do?

Give now: be part of the solution by making a donation to The Hunger Project

Get involved: Download The Hunger Projects social and email templates to spread awareness

Subscribe: stay up to date on World Hunger Day and The Hunger Project by joining their newsletter

Reduce your food waste: Our charity partner, the Felix Project, works hard to redistribute food that is going to waste to local charities and schools in London. Why not volunteer for a session? Maybe we will see you there! 💚