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Deliver unique offers to the right shoppers at the right time

Over 300k users use GreenJinn to find offers every time they shop for groceries. Tap into new audiences or re-engage lapsed consumers by targeting demographics, shopping patterns, location etc.

Analytics & Insights

Boost long-term sales for your brand with actionable analytics and unparalleled consumer insight for smarter campaigns and targeting.

Maximise ROI

Build awareness before the right audiences with data-driven strategic offers and pay only for performance; we exist to help you drive results.

Unlock your brand's potential

   Power campaigns to drive results fast
Set up unique, targeted offers in minutes to drive immediate brand trials and engagement.

    Health-centric community
Get visibility before a diverse user base who opt for nutritious products or choose vegan, gluten-free, etc.

     Reach on mobile, web and beyond
Use smart triggers to prompt consumers on their preferred channels just before they shop in-store and online.

How GreenJinn works

1. Set up campaign

Customise your budget and target your desired audience

2. Measure & Learn

Obtain deep insights on campaign effectiveness and consumer behaviour

3. Boost sales

Leverage actionable insights to optimise your next campaign and boost sales

1. Shop

Select coupons & shop in-store or online

2. Snap

Snap your receipt on GreenJinn

3. Save

Cashback to your Paypal or bank account

Give your brand the exposure it deserves with GreenJinn

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